Wadis are dry riverbeds that flow through rocky valleys. Wadi bashing is a popular activity in Dubai. Riding in a four wheeler through wadis is known as the wild wadi bashing. It is an adventurous tour as the routes consist of several turns and twists which makes it exciting. Several tourists are enjoying this adventurous ride along with water surfing. This adventurous tour can be enjoyed from the month of April to October. Wadi bashing in Dubai enables you to explore the desert because you can see flower beds, mountain pools and waterfalls throughout the wadi. You can even see the tribes living in the villages nearby.

You have to follow certain guidelines while enjoying Wadi bashing in Dubai. The rules and regulations are for the protection of tourists because of the risk driving associated with the wadi bashing. The travelers should be accompanied by an experienced driver. The adventure lovers can have fun, even though it a risky adventure. You have to carry some equipment such as spades, shovels, and tow cables during this adventure tour. You should take drinks, food, camping gear, sleeping bag, and tent to enjoy your tour through the Wadi. You have to be very careful to avoid accidents.

Wadi bashing is through the Dubai desert to Hatta mountain region. You can see the natural mountain pools while driving through the Wadi. This adventurous tour requires great amount of courage and driving expertise. The passengers in the 4 wheeler can enjoy splashing of waters in the Wadi. You need the instructions of the experienced driver to avoid any accidents. Tourists should wear light weight clothes. You should carry sunglasses and cap to protect from hot sunlight. During winter season, you should wear sweaters. If you would like to stay at night, you have to carry camping gears.

Adventure lovers can drive their 4-wheeler on the rough roads of the Wadi which are meant for pedestrians and donkeys. You can enjoy driving through the hairpin bends along the water streams to the top of the mountain. The drive to the mountain is very bumpy and rough. Hatta mountain tour enables you to enjoy the village which is totally different from Dubai. Wadi bashing is begins with dune bashing as you have to travel through the Dubai desert to reach the Hatta Mountains. You will be driving through the lush landscapes, dry river beds and winding gorges to reach the Hatta Mountains.

You can enjoy swimming in the cool mountain pools of Hatta Mountain. After enjoying swimming in the rocky pools, you can go to Hatta Heritage Village which consists of a museum with historical displays of the area. The vehicles used for Wadi bashing are insured. The vehicles consist of roll bars and seat belts to provide extra safety to the passengers. During Wadi bashing, it is necessary to wear seat belts, and the tour is not suitable for children below three years of age. The tour agencies have the right to cancel the Wadi bashing trips based on the weather conditions.

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